“young people have an opportunity to inspire a generation - developing unique spaces for all ages to enjoy and leave a legacy for the future”

Willaston Primary School

Managing Director David T. Binks and Design and Construction Manager Tom Bannister, were recently invited to Willaston primary school ‘Aspirations Week’ to share their experiences and knowledge of landscape design and horticulture.

Throughout the day, David and Tom held different interactive sessions with the children; David started off the day by asking the children to draw a garden design of their own, allowing the children’s creativity to run wild. Tom then uploaded these drawings to his design software and put them up on a projector, so the children could see how their own design would look. Using a VR headset, the children could walk around in their newly designed gardens and feel fully immersed by what was just drawn on a piece of paper minutes before. Tom said “it was a privilege to share my experience in garden design with the children. To see them so enthusiastic about design and horticulture was really inspiring.”

David then took the children outside for a bulb planting session, in which he showed them how to correctly plant bulbs. The children were fascinated by the fact that their school playground would soon be covered in plants that they planted themselves.

94% of primary school heads and deputies believe that school gardening benefits either pupils’ health, mental wellbeing, social skills, concentration or learning. Tom said “it’s great to be able to go into a school and get the children involved in activities that will benefit them in so many ways.”

The opportunity to influence children’s future is truly priceless.

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