At the centre of the Williamson Art Gallery in Birkenhead is an enclosed courtyard, previously known as The Quad which has remained derelict for almost 90 years. Thanks to Landstruction, the heart of this gallery has now been bought back to life and turned into use as The Green Gallery.

Designed by Ainsley Gommon Architects and installed by the Landstruction team, the secure outdoor space and garden will offer a haven to visitors as well as providing a venue for celebrations, events and exhibitions. Visitors and residents alike can enjoy a moment of quiet reflection and even take inspiration from the surroundings for their own artwork within the courtyard.

The space will also be enjoyed by the Wirral Museums Service who provide summer courses for children as well as working with disadvantaged groups including people with mental, sensory and physical difficulties so an outside ‘breakout’ space will be a major asset. The Green Gallery will give an extra dimension to the venue helping attract new people into the wonderful world of art, culture and heritage.

This month saw the completion of the planting scheme by Landstruction in advance of the gallery’s open day for the Williamson and Priory Friends on Saturday 11 November. The landscaped ‘Secret Garden’ is now the ideal space for outdoor exhibitions, events, weddings or simply meeting friends.

David Binks, Managing Director at Landstruction said: “We are delighted to have collaborated with both Ainsley Gommon Architects and the Williamson Art Gallery on this exciting project in Birkenhead. The Green Gallery marks a unique step change and we are thrilled to have played an integral part in the gallery’s future.

To donate to the appeal, please donate through the gallery’s Just Giving account or donating within the gallery itself. To organise a corporate fundraising event within the gallery to raise money for The Green Gallery or to sponsor a specific part of the development please contact the charity on


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